Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I really get paid 100% and directly?

Yes, you do -instead of the typical "click bank affiliate site" you will have a duplicate reseller website with your own payment button so you are paid directly 100% - 100% of the time!

2. Do I have to buy a domain name and if so, why?

Yes, you MUST purchase a domain name of your choice from This is the reason why you are paid directly - the reseller website is set-up on YOUR domain name.

3. Do I have to set anything up or host my website?

No, I take all of the worry out of the equation for you! I set-up and host your website for you. There is a one time fee for the life of your domain name of only $10. Just once - that's it - saving you hundreds of dollars and all of the headaches.

4. What exactly am I getting with EWCF?

For $37 you're buying a collection of marketing tools. I personally selected these online marketing tools for you and know they are effective. But, the real reason to buy EWCF is for your own money making website where you can make $37 over and over again just by giving away my free eBook.

5. I'm inexperienced, do you provide support and training materials?

Yes, I am always available by email and personally respond to you within 24 hours - every time! I also offer an extensive video tutorial section and many advertising resources including automation.

6. Okay, but what if I change my mind after I buy? Can I get a refund?

No. Since each reseller (you) are paid directly they need to know that they are not going to have to give refunds after every sale.. Also, since what you are purchasing are digital goods, they simply cannot be returned "just because."

Everyone who buys the package agrees that they can not request a refund. All sales are final, which means you, (as a reseller), always keep every penny. Please take your time to read all of the information and email me with any questions BEFORE you purchase. That way, we all walk away happy.

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